Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hi everyone.
I am very excited because I think Polly might be pregnant. It's still too early to tell but she is very hungry and a little tired now and again. She is due just before Christmas this time so it will be lovely to have puppies underfoot again.
I am working on my screenplay and my novel simultaneously. It is quite easy to switch from one to the other as it's a very different style of writing. I have to check myself in the screenplay though as I want to write more thoughts which you can't do. Nothing can be on the screenplay that you couldn't see on the screen. What a person is thinking is impossible to portray other than in body language and subtext.
I am finding the whole process tremendously helpful. I enjoy movies on a whole new level and have been ever since I did the Robert McKee story seminar. It's wonderful to watch a movie and think about the deeper meaning of the story rather than just be entertained.
I hope you enjoy the first of my Sabbatini Trilogy out now.


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