Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy days.

Hi everyone,
March is going to be a busy month with lots going on in all areas of my life. I have two puppies left and I am in the toilet training phase. Oh Joy! Having little puppies around is so rewarding in spite of the odd puddle. I just love their happy little faces and the way they bounce with glee when they see me. It melts me every time. I have to discipline myself to work when they are asleep. They are growing so quickly and there are a thousand moments in a day when I just wish I'd had the camera handy. Such cute little looks and antics!
On the work front I am writing a new Presents/Modern so that is all going according to plan. I would like a bit more uninterrupted time but it's probably a bit unrealistic at this point to expect it. I have a workshop I am running for the Tasmanian Writers' Centre later this month which will be fun. It is always wonderful to meet aspiring writers and help them find their feet.
Also, at the end of the month is the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Sydney. That is going to be a blast, I am sure.
Have a happy month and I'll catch up with you in April.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

My gorgeous babies!

Hi everyone,
My babies are now six weeks old and so adorable. They are running about and growling and barking and chewing everything. It is totally exhausting looking after them all. It was a lot easier with just three last time. It's like five full on toddlers!
Still waiting to hear from the producers in Hollywood. It's a nerve-wracking but exciting time. Fingers and toes are crossed!
Have a fabulous month.

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