Friday, April 15, 2011

Working on a new project

Hi everyone,
My April update is a bit late! Life seems so busy just now trying to fit everything in. We've been doing some work at home, new fences and painting so lots of tradesmen around which I find very distracting.
I am working on a continuity for the Harlequin Medical series. It will be out next year. I really love the story outline I've been given. It's also wonderful to be working with some of my favourite writers and friends.
Hope you all have a super Easter. Ours will be a quiet one just enjoying the beach and lots of reading and hopefully lots of writing.
Warmest wishes,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Madness

Hi everyone,
March has flown past and I am in catch up mode. I am having my website redesigned so keep posted for a refreshing change.
My babies are now 13 weeks old and full of mischief. Three have been sold but I have two left and I am so attached to them that I can't choose which to let go. You know what that means!
Best wishes for now,


Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy days.

Hi everyone,
March is going to be a busy month with lots going on in all areas of my life. I have two puppies left and I am in the toilet training phase. Oh Joy! Having little puppies around is so rewarding in spite of the odd puddle. I just love their happy little faces and the way they bounce with glee when they see me. It melts me every time. I have to discipline myself to work when they are asleep. They are growing so quickly and there are a thousand moments in a day when I just wish I'd had the camera handy. Such cute little looks and antics!
On the work front I am writing a new Presents/Modern so that is all going according to plan. I would like a bit more uninterrupted time but it's probably a bit unrealistic at this point to expect it. I have a workshop I am running for the Tasmanian Writers' Centre later this month which will be fun. It is always wonderful to meet aspiring writers and help them find their feet.
Also, at the end of the month is the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Sydney. That is going to be a blast, I am sure.
Have a happy month and I'll catch up with you in April.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

My gorgeous babies!

Hi everyone,
My babies are now six weeks old and so adorable. They are running about and growling and barking and chewing everything. It is totally exhausting looking after them all. It was a lot easier with just three last time. It's like five full on toddlers!
Still waiting to hear from the producers in Hollywood. It's a nerve-wracking but exciting time. Fingers and toes are crossed!
Have a fabulous month.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hollywood getting closer!

Hi Everyone,
We have just finished the revisions on our screenplay. It was read by John Truby, Hollywood's top screenplay doctor. It was surreal as I was reading his book The Anatomy of Story over this side of the world while on the other he was reading my work. Paul Margolis has been the best mentor and co-writer possibly. We've had such a lot of fun working on this. I hope it makes it all the way to Hollywood. John Truby thinks it has the best of chances.

Polly is doing well with her babies. They are now three weeks old and so gorgeous. Their personalities are just starting to show. Very cute when they growl and do little puppy barks!
Have a happy week.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Polly's new babies

Hi everyone,
For those of you who haven't seen my babies on Facebook have a look at them here. They are just so adorable. I am spending so much time just looking at them.
Great news on the screenplay. It is being reviewed by Hollywood screenplay guru John Truby. I am really looking forward to his feedback.
This holiday season is a hard time to write but I am about to start a new book now that I have finished number 41. It's been a very big year but I have a feeling 2011 is going to be bigger!
Happy Holidays to you all.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

She is pregnant!

Hi everyone,
Polly is definitely pregnant or otherwise very, very fat! It's so exciting. I think she might have more than three this time. I will be run off my feet once they start becoming mobile. She is due 22nd of December so it will be a busy Christmas this year.
I will post photos as soon as the bubs appear.
I am working on my screenplay and my latest book. It is a hard time of year to concentrate as there are so many conflicting demands on my time. But I am disciplined and have been through this many times. It is so important to keep on track in this business.
We are having a very cool spring. Rainy and then an occasional warm day. Not quite right for this time of year. I have heard our summer is going to be later this year.
Have a happy week!

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