Sunday, February 25, 2007

Living in the moment

Hi everyone,
Well as you can imagine from my previous post this past week has been a tough one. My brother-in-law's funeral was the most beautiful ceremony I have ever been to and there was as much laughter as there were tears due to his wonderful fun loving personality. For all of you who are dealing with the loss of a loved one I really feel for you. I know everyone says it gets better over time but the early days are difficult.
On a lighter note I am working solidly on my new Modern/Presents as well as playing with Polly who is now three months old. She is at the groomer today having her second clip. She and Pippi are the best of friends and they have another new playmate Mango, my son's girlfriend's ginger cat. They are extremely entertaining when they all get together but of course the cat always seems to rule the roost in the end.
It's a beautiful summer day here with hardly a cloud in the sky. Too nice to be inside working really but I love my current characters.
Have a good week,
Melanie x

Monday, February 19, 2007

Mixed news

Hi everyone,
I have had a very mixed up week, lots of highs and a very low low. My brother-in-law died yesterday after a long battle with lung cancer. He was a wonderful person, one of the most significant people in my life as he was such an encourager. Life is hard at times and it doesn't make sense when a man with a dependent family is taken. I really feel for my sister who is devastated. So for all those of you out there who are dealing with similar losses please draw comfort from knowing I am thinking of you.
On the career front ( which seems totally insignificant right now) I have been given three reviewers' choice nominations on That was very special news and I am really grateful that the reviewers put them forward.
I had a very successful book launch in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at the hospital where I researched In Her Boss's Special Care with lots of press involved. It was a lot of fun of course and I ended up on the front page of our newspaper which was a thrill. I was stopped in the supermarket several times so I felt like a celebrity.
Anyway, my love to everyone and take care of yourselves and your loved ones. You really don't know how long you might have with them, do you?
Much love,
Melanie x

Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy St Valentine's Day

Hi everyone,
Well this is an important week in a romance writer's life-St Valentine's Day! Ihave several interviews as well as a book launch coming up so it's full on. I hope you all get roses and chocolates or champagne or all three from someone you love but if you don't remember there is always next year. I love anything romantic as you all know so any opportunity to celebrate the one I love is wonderful.
I have had a busy weekend in Sydney and the South Coast where my book signing and workshop and various interviews went well. A big thank you to Alison and the lovely ladies who attended the workshop. On our way back to Sydney we drove through the National Park and saw not one but two lyrebirds. They are extremely shy and it's such a privilege to have seen them. It was pouring with rain and the lovely earthy fresh smell of the forest was fabulous after such a long drought. The leaves were dripping with rain and as they landed it sounded like a million thank you's being whispered.
I hope you all have a happy St Valentine's Day.
With warm wishes,

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I forgot to post!

Hello everyone,
I have been so busy relazing at our beach house I forgot what day it was. It is now Thursday, actually nearly Friday and I realised I hadn't popped in to say hello. I have had a great week at the sea side, enjoying sunshine and waves and dolphins and yes- I hate to admit it, snakes as well. I encountered a whip snake on the beach with Pippi and Polly so I had to do some quick thinking and moving! We cleared up our bush path so the tiger snake we encountered before has obviously moved on. We've all been a bit jittery since however. I keep jumping at shadows and the little tails of tiny lizards. On a good note I have started a new novel, a Presents/ Modern this time and it is virtually writing itself. It's one of those wonderful novels where the characters are so real and vital you can't help but try and keep up with them on the keyboard. Andre and Scarlett have a lot to deal with, there is a lot of pain in their past relationship but I have great hopes they will navigate their way through it. I will keep you all posted. St Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and I have a book launch in the ICU(Intensive Care Unit) where I researched In Her Boss's Special Care on Wednesday 14th Feb. I am off to Sydney tomorrow for the Harlequin Ball and then on to Wollongong for a book signing and three hour workshop with the Illawarra region writers' group all thanks to the gorgeous Alison who has done all the ground work for me. I will let you know how things went. In the meantime have fun and look after yourselves,
With warm wishes,

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