Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So busy

Hi everyone,
I thought I was a busy person before but with three growing puppies in the house it is getting ridiculous! I am spending so much time cuddling them because I know it won't be long before they are all grown up, just like children.
I am busy too on the writing front. I am working on Book Three of my trilogy and I am just about to do some revisions on Book One so it's all go, go, go. I love the challenge of it all, making it all come together in a tight emotional read that readers will love.
As it is summer here there are enormous temptations for me to go outside instead of sit at my computer. I have to be very disciplined and focussed.
It was Australia Day yesterday and we had a BBQ at home with some friends. It was fun but it did make me think about our traditional people and how they feel about us celebrating the day their land was taken over by the British.
Well, I am determined to get to work even though the sun is shining and the puppies are barking and play fighting.
I hope you all have a great week.

Monday, January 18, 2010

So sweet!

I have decided it is almost impossible to photograph jet-black poodle puppies. When their eyes are closed while they are sleeping and even when they open them they are so black you can't make out what is what. I need a bigger zoom lens or something. They are now all over a kilogram in weight and growing fast. They are all walking, or toddling/waddling I should say. This weekend they will have their first solid food-just like babies! It's been such a wonderful experience watching them grow. The only problem we've had is old Pippi, our fox terrier who loves them dearly is not allowed by Polly to go anywhere near them. They have had awful spats and we feel so sorry for Pippi as she just wants a lick or two. The mother instinct is so strong however, and even though Polly and Pippi are usually the best of friends this is a whole new ball game. Just as well the puppies are in a playpen so we can keep them contained. Now all I need is a puppy pram so I can talk them for a walk! Has anyone heard of such a thing?
Have a great week.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Aren't they adorable?

Hi everyone,
Now isn't that the cutest little mother you ever did see? Polly is so good with her babies and they are so adorable I can't believe how I will ever sell any of them. I think it is Perdy that we're going to keep now. I thought it was Daisy, but Perdy is a cuddly little thing, a real snuggler when you pick her up. Daisy is a wriggler and wants to get back to feeding hence her size! Although Perdy is catching up, Teddy is still the smallest.

It's hard being home again after over two weeks at our beach house. We had great weather up there and it was a nice place for Polly and Pippi to get their exercise. Walking the streets of suburbia doesn't cut it with Polly at the moment. She just wants to go back to her puppies but up on the coast she was quite keen to have a break and go down to the beach with her ball.
The sunsets up there were lovely because of the warmer weather. We get such an awesome view over the water too which is so peaceful.
I hope you all have a fabulous week. I am posting on different days now as my schedule is a little out of whack because of the triplets!
All the best,

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Look how they have grown!

Happy New Year to you all!
Can you believe how much my babies have grown? They are twice and more the size they were when they were born less than two weeks ago. Polly is the best little mother, so loving and protective, but like a lot of mums is finding the work/life/play balance incredibly difficult. She is torn between wanting to play on the beach with the ball and stay with her puppies. I know that feeling from years past!
I have changed my comments set up so you now no longer need a Google account to leave a comment. I welcome comments from fans, it's lovely to hear what you think of my blog, books and so on. I would like to avoid any nastiness so if you don't like something please be considerate in how you phrase it as other people might be offended, including me!
Back to the puppies...Daisy is now the biggest, Teddy is the smallest and Perdy is in the middle. So cute!
Have a fabulous week.

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