Monday, September 28, 2009

A wet weekend but....

Hi everyone,
It was another wet weekend but my husband and I went to lunch at a vineyard in the Huon Valley called Home Hill. It is such a picturesque place and even though the showers kept coming it was a beautiful place to have lunch. Cows dotted the green hillsides and there were some alpacas on the other. The sloping rows of vines looked as if they could have been in the south of France. I had a lovely glass of bubbles which made me sleepy! I hope you enjoy the two photos I took.
I went for my first swim today since my foot op. It was wonderful to be back in the water. I need exercise to think and it really cleared my head. I climb walls and become a shrew if I don't use up some of my energy.
I had a lovely time at High Tea with The Hobart Society of Editors who wanted to know about my relationship with my editor and how it all works. It is always a joy to talk about my beautiful editor so it was a pleasure to be there. I met some lovely folks, some I knew, others I didn't so a big wave to you all, especially Sheelagh and Nicola and Juliet. Juliet, you have to write that book!
Hope you all have a super week.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Writing in another bed!

Hi folks,
I have just spent the last four days in hospital with an infection in my foot. It was such a pain but in a way it worked out well as I was waited on yes-hand and foot! I had three lovely meals a day and didn't have to do a thing. I just lay there and wrote heaps and read heaps and looked at the rain pouring down outside.
I am back home now and finally off crutches which is great. The shoe I have to wear for the next month is not so great. I will have hide it with a long skirt or something.
My poor dogs don't understand why I keep coming and going. They went bananas when I got home. Such a lovely welcome.
I am so grateful for all you who have become my Facebook friends and also for those who keep those lovely emails coming.
Happy reading,
Melanie x

Monday, September 14, 2009

Writing in bed!

Hi everyone,
I should have thought of doing this well before this but it is actually possible to write in bed. I am lying with my foot propped up on a couple of pillows, my laptop on my lap and my two dogs either side of me, one on the floor on her cushion and one at my elbow. Bliss! The only problem is I don't have a servant to bring me a cup of tea and snacks when I need them. Once my husband and son leave for work I am stuck! Have you ever tried to carry something whilst using crutches? I hopped( and slopped) a cup of tea all the way back to bed yesterday afternoon, scalding myself in the process. It was so frustrating. Anyway, apart from the pain which is really annoying and much worse than I thought it would be, I think I am improving. At least I've stopped complaining about my back! I haven't felt a twinge.
It's great to be writing again. And doing it in bed means I can have a rest for a while and then get going again. I can see a few rainy days ahead might well be spent this way.
Thanks again for all the wonderful emails from readers. Big hello to Sharon who sent me a lovely message and also to Mehrena. You are both so sweet!
Have a fabulous week.
Cheers from hopalong Melanie xx

Sunday, September 06, 2009

A little hiccup

Hi everyone,
You are not giong to believe this but I am back off to Melbourne not to shop or sight see but to have another foot operation. Yes, you heard right. That failed bone graft has created a bit of a problem with my gait so in order not to compromise my back recovery I have to have a plate put in. I jokingly asked for a Royal Doulton, ha ha! Crutches for a week and get serious walking for six weeks! Arghhh! I will go stir crazy. I won't be able to swim for about three or four but the good thing is I will be able to write. Yay! The trouble is this is my favourite time of year and I love walking for hours. But hopefully all will go well this time and in a few weeks that is what I will be doing. It's better to get this all over with while I am in the recovery stage otherwise it will be hanging over my head.
I am into the first book of my trilogy and enjoying getting to know my characters.
We've had some lovely crisp sunny days but rain is forecast. THe birds are so vocal in the morning and evening now which is a great way to start and end the day.
Have a fabulous week and think of me hopping along!
Melanie xx

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