Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shopping and stuff

Hi folks,
I am working extra hard for the next few days as on Thursday I am going to Sydney for the day to go shopping and also to look at my son's newly renovated apartment. I would have stayed longer but our own renovations are still dragging on and with Polly so young I don't like to leave her unattended. She is so quiet at times she can slip out the door without anyone noticing. No one else is as vigilant as me!
I am giving an Adult Education workshop this Saturday which is always fun, especially if the attendees are keen to write something themselves. It is always exciting seeing how creative people can be when given a little encouragement.
It's still gorgeous weather, lovely colours of Autumn and calm weather. Our walnut tree is dropping leaves and walnuts almost constantly and when a nut hits the roof outside my office window I nearly always jump in surprise. I should be used to it by now but it's such a hard crack of sound it sounds like a gunshot.
Hope you have a good week and get lots of reading done.
Melanie x


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