Sunday, December 06, 2009

Finished another book!

Hi everyone,
I have just finished book two of my Italian brothers trilogy. I am so excited about this series. It's been one of the best writing experiences of my career. It's been really special getting to know the family and the back story. I have been able to dig deeply into the emotions too so I hope you will all be pleased when they come out next year sometime.
How is the Christmas shoppping going? I started today. Yep, finally. I have yet to put the tree up but that is planned for this evening. There is just not enough time in the day!
It looks like Polly is indeed pregnant but it is hard to know how many puppies as this is her first litter. My guess is only one or two but I could be wrong. First time mums- even human ones- don't often show until the last minute. I will definitely keep you all posted on her progress.
I hope you have a fabulous week.
Love Melanie

I'm also writing a series at the moment- book two, and it is a fantastic experience, I really love discovering my characters this way!
posted by Blogger Karlene Blakemore-Mowle : 4:57 PM Hi Karlene,
Sorry I missed your comment until now.
Series are great fun, aren't they? I had no idea I would have such a great time doing it. I will have to think about doing one for my Medical romances. I have a couple of ideas already floating around.
Happy Christmas and happy writing!
posted by Blogger Melanie Milburne : 5:28 PM

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