Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home again!

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the best wishes from those who commented or emailed. I am home again and off the IV antibiotics which were a real pain. I have to take long term oral ones but I can live with that. I hated being tied to a bottle around my waist. It would mean no swimming and because of my foot still not quite ready for long walks I would have gone crazy with lack of exercise.
I am off for my first swim in six weeks this morning. I can't wait.
My next release: The Future King's Love-Child which is part of the Royal House of Karedes continuity received a great review which you can check out at the link on my website or on I dedicated this book for my brand new daughter-in-law so I'm really glad it's pleased its readers so far.
I have to get back to work and in a big way. I feel like I've lost so much time being in hospital even though I did work while in there. It's not quite the same as being in my lovely office with all my things around me, including my dogs!
Have a fabulous week and thanks again for the kind wishes. I am sure they helped!

Hi Melanie, I'm glad you are better now. Take care.
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