Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lounging around

Hi folks,
I had a fun weekend flying to Melbourne for the night on Friday just so we could road test a new lounge our interior decorator had found for us. As it turned out we chose another more comfortable one but it was nice to have a night away. We did some shopping and had a lovely lunch with a Hobart friend who is often in Melbourne for business. The only problem was Polly misses me so much when I'm away. I've only been away from her two nights the whole time we've had her so she frets a bit even though my son was here to mind her and Pippi. This morning as I drove out for my swim she sat at the gate and cried. I felt terrible and had a rough time in the pool thinking about her. It's like being a young mum all over again!
On the writing front I am working on a Presents/Modern I wrote about a month ago and now it's rewrite, rework and reshape time. It can cause a few sleepless nights I can tell you!
Hope you have a good week wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
Melanie x


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