Monday, October 29, 2007

Computer hitch

Hi everyone,
I have been having computer trouble again so I am a bit late blogging. It's been a busy week so far as I am trying to skip ahead of my schedule which is not easy when I keep getting interupted. That's one of the down sides of working from home, there are always distractions. My two biggest are Polly and Pippi who want to go for walks all the time. I feel so torn as I would love to spend hours out there in the spring sunshine. We had a four day break at our beach house but the weather was more rain and cloud than sunshine but it didn't really matter. I didn't get much writing done but I read a lot which was great.
I have started my Christmas cake and pudding and they are sitting on the bench while the rum and brandy does what it is supposed to do. I have even bought a couple of gifts although I am not sure I will be able to maintain such organisation. When the creative juices are flowing I have to make that my priority.
My thoughts are with all of you who reside in California, the fires have been shocking.
Take care,


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