Sunday, August 26, 2007

A busy week ahead

Hello everyone,
I have a busy week ahead as we leave in the middle of next week for Italy. I hope to be able to blog as I go but it depends on time and availability of internet cafes. I think I need a Blackberry or one of those new Samsung phones called a Blackjack. You can do just about everything on them. My elderly father is house-sitting while we are away so I am sure Polly and Pippi and Mango will keep him entertained. Spring blossum is everywhere and I feel a little sad I will miss the flowering of my two gorgeous tree peonies in the front garden. The blooms are spectacular, they are the single variety and therefore only last a week or two, even less if it is windy.
I had the State swimming championships this past weekend and I did really well considering I am nursing a shoulder problem. I placed in every event but one and I brought home a couple of relays which is always a great feeling. I am seeing a shoulder specialist in October to see if I need to have surgery or just cut back my swimming. I'm not too keen on either option as you can imagine!
Anyway, I have 10,000 words to write before I leave so I had better get down to it.
Cheers to all,
Melanie x


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