Sunday, July 15, 2007

Snow on the mountain

Hi folks,
Well we finally got our heat pump fixed and just as well as there was snow on Mt Wellington over the weekend. It looks like a giant cup cake with white icing on the top. Poor little Polly has been ill again with a bladder infection and is back on medication. She is responding well and as I write this is chasing Mango the cat around the conservatory which is within view of my office. No wonder I get distracted! I have a big week ahead with a deadline due on Friday, the book is written but I need to do a read through one more time. I am also right into my WIP which means I will have to switch heads and personalities which is always frustrating but very much a part of the writing life. At any one time I can be working on up to three different books, the WIP, a copy edit or one that needs some editorial suggestions incorporated. With the big schedule I am on that means a lot of work so I have to remain focused and very disciplined. That has not been easy this week when my older son came to visit again from Sydney for six days. I had to switch into mother mode which I didn't always feel like doing. Most working women I speak to have the same problem of juggling the different roles we are assigned.
Well I am off for a swim as I missed a couple of training sessions last week due to being time poor. I hope I can make up for it this week as I love the thinking time it gives me.
Lots of warm wishes to everyone,
Melanie x


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