Sunday, July 08, 2007

Anyone for tennis?

Hi folks,
Well I am totally wiped out with tiredness as I sat up until 3.30 a.m watching Wimbledon. It was so fantastic to see two such wonderfully talented players fight it out. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are true champions and definitely hero material! As I tried to sleep for the remaining hours of the night I thought about how it seems only strong men can handle defeat. It truly is the mark of a mature man to cope with either triumph or tragedy and Roger and Rafael handled themselves brilliantly, I thought. So too did gorgeous Lewis Hamilton in the Grand Prix at Silverstone in the UK. I was switching channels during commercial breaks and biting my nails throughout. I never used to appreciate top level sport until I became an athlete myself. I didn't grow up in a sporty family, there was no time on the farm for anything but work. But because I have swum since my late twenties in Masters Comps I now understand the incredible discipline and focus and sacrifices athletes have to make in order to achieve greatness. One of my all time favourite tennis heroes is the gorgeously modest down the earth Australian Pat Rafter. He was always a perfect gentleman and treated his opponents with the utmost respect. Anyway, enough about sport. I have been teaching Polly a new trick. She now can jump through my arms on command instead of gnawing at my hands on the way through! It was such a breakthrough I can tell you!
All the best for the week,
Melanie xx


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