Sunday, June 24, 2007

More frost!

Hi everyone,
It is even more frosty down here at the moment which makes me wonder if Tasmania isn't experiencing the global warming everyone else is! The dog's bowl of water outside as well as the fountain were completely frozen and my car is white instead of black. I love the crisp beauty of a frosty morning as the sun is usually bright and the sky a brilliant blue. I don't however like the fact that our heat pump is still not working. It is supposed to be fixed on Thursday so here's hoping. I have just done some minor revisions on the book I was asked to write for the exciting new continuity Penhally Bay. I wrote book Seven which was a real challenge as I had to do a lot of research as my heroine is a forensic pathologist. The hero is a Chief Inspector so I had a lot of chats and emails and coffees with my police contacts to get all the details right.
This week I am back to working on a new medical which I am really enjoying. I love my hero Matt McNaught who is a man unable to move on from his past. My heroine Kellie Thorne has her work cut out for her but she is going to do her best to chip away at the armour around his heart.
On Saturday night we went to the National Heart Foundation Ball which is a great night out, lots of dancing and so on. The theme this year was Bollywood which meant I had to wrap myself in metres of gorgeous fabric, honestly I don't know how Indian women do it! I was terrified I was going to come undone on the dance floor!
My latest review is up on so if you are interested have a peek.
All the best for this week,
Melanie x


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