Monday, June 11, 2007

Long Weekend

Hi everyone,
It was the Queen's Birthday long weekend just gone past which meant we went to our beach house and chilled out. Yes, quite literally actually as the weather has been and still is really cold. We had the log fire going however and I did some writing which I was happy about, although I did feel a little bit tempted to curl up near the fire instead a few times! I allowed myself to do so once I'd reached a certain point in the novel I was working on so that felt good. We had a seal just outside our house ( in the water I mean) and he was there for twelve hours flipping and turning, we assumed he was feeding as he didn't appear to be injured or ensnared in a net or anything. It humpback whale season now which means they are on their migration period to the warmer waters of Queensland and often stop in at Great Oyster Bay( which our beach house overlooks) and have a rest. My husband was out fishing this time last year and saw a pod of them but I was back at the house working on a deadline and missed out. I have been keeping my eyes peeled this time but they are probably a bit further out.
I am going to Government House this week for a reception which will be fun, although to tell you the truth I'm not keen on going out much in winter. I love being inside where it's warm and cosy but I guess I'll drag myself out this time!
Hope you all have a great week,
Melanie x


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