Sunday, July 22, 2007

Busy week ahead

Hi everyone,
I seem to start every week with a rush but we had a busy weekend so I feel even more run off my feet. I had a charity swim yesterday morning for a friend who is attempting to become the first Tasmanian woman to swim the English Channel. Her name is Anne Steele and she and I swim together quite regularly. There was a swimathon to raise funds for the Children's Cancer Institute so it was a real thrill to be part of such a worthy cause. I swam 5 km which seems so paltry when you think of how far Anne will have to swim and in tough conditions. The only challenge I had yesterday was overtaking my husband who was in my lane. Actually it wasn't a challenge at all as I am much faster than him but he hates to be reminded of it!! This week I have a goal of finishing my medical and did I tell you I got another 5 out of 5 review for Her Man of Honour? You can check it out on the link under the medicals on my site.
Hope you all have a fabulous week,
Melanie x


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