Sunday, July 06, 2008

I'm back!

Hi everyone,
I am back in the chair after a lovely week on Orpheus Island. I had a fabulous rest and read heaps of books. I was even forced to resort to digging into my husband's supply of books as I read all that I had taken with me. The weather was lovely, cooler at night but gorgeous during the day. We had a snorkel and a picnic on a quiet beach and enjoyed the sunsets over the sea. All in all it was a great interlude but now I am back with all guns firing, or at least that is the plan! My fingers have been fumbling over the keys this morning as if they don't know which ones to press. I will need an hour or two to warm up I guess.
The dogs were so cute when we got home. I love the way they yap and jump up and down with excitement, it makes me feel so loved.
Have a great week and I will try and have some photos for you next time.
Melanie x


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