Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day in Australia and US

Hi everyone,
When I used to live in Scotland all those years ago I used to get really confused about when Mother's Day was. It is different in the UK than in Australia and the US. I used to buy the cards and keep them for when it was the second Sunday in May back home. Very confusing at times! Anyway, for all you who are mothers out there I hope you had a lovely mother's day, no matter what country you live in. I was taken out to lunch by my boys and husband and future daughter-in-law so that was lovely. I also took my dogs on two long walks which they loved and my post-operative foot also did not protest too much which was great. I actually went for a two block run, the reason it was only two blocks was because I got waylaid by a boisterous dog called Samson. I took him to his address that was engraved on his tag but no one was home. I shut him behind the fence and hey presto, as soon as I walked away he leapt over it. I think the owners have to either get a smaller dog or a bigger fence! He was so cute I took him home with me and rang the owners but they were not home so he had to go to the dog's home. My two dogs were going crazy about the interloper of course. As the council worker came to pick him up Samson wailed like a baby, he really wanted to stay with us. I felt so torn but I am sure he would much prefer to be back home with his family. I think it was just that he had a lot of fun with us, not to mention the doggy treats I gave him.
Have a great week,
Melanie xxx


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