Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shack sunset

Hi everyone,
I have had one of those weeks when everything that could go wrong did. Anyway, I am back on track now and will hopefully dust myself off and get back to work. I have been playing around with images, I hope I got this one right and it uploads as planned! It was taken by a friend of mine who was doing some work for us at the shack ( that is beach house in your vernacular!) and it really is stunning. The sunsets and sunrises up there are really spectacular.
It was Anzac weekend and of course a time when Australians remember the sacrifices so many young men made during the First World War. I have sons the same age of some of those lost so it brings it home to you how hard it must have been, and indeed how hard it must be for other war veterans today to see young people throw their lives away on drugs and risky driving when there is so much to live for. Anyway, off my soap box now, I must get back to my characters who I have not spoken to in a week. That is not a good thing as they might have totally changed by now!
Have a great week.
Melanie x


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