Thursday, February 26, 2009

The trophy!

Hi everyone,
As promised here is a photo of me with my trophy. It was entitled The Most Popular Category/Series Romance Novel for 2008 for The Marciano Love-Child. A great thrill and I still can't quite believe it. Thanks to all the readers who responded to the online poll and of course for all the people who bought the book which put my sales figures into the top ten. Thank you!
Melanie xx

Congratulations Melanie, well deserved and you looked gorgeous.
Mum enjoyed meeting you!
Carol Marinellix
posted by Blogger carol marinelli : 1:52 AM Thanks for such good reads, Melanie. I loved The Marciano Love Child. But I also appreciated The Fiorenza forced Marriage. How come it wasn't published under Modern Heat?! It was mighty HOT in that book!!
Please keep up the good work.
posted by Blogger Brigitte : 12:51 AM Carol it was such a delight meeting your mum. I felt quite envious! How nice to have a mum who is so loving and proud of you.
Melanie x
posted by Blogger Melanie Milburne : 5:31 PM Hi Brigette,
Thanks for your lovely comment. I am primarily a Presents writer ( I also do a couple of Medicals a year) but I have often toyed with the idea of doing a couple of Modern Heats. Presents are hot however, or at least mine usually are. The characters sort of dictate how it will be between them.
I hope you enjoy my next release-The Venadicci Marriage of Vengeance and yes-it's hot!
posted by Blogger Melanie Milburne : 5:33 PM Ohhh, I will definitely not miss your new book. Hot, you said?!
posted by Blogger Brigitte : 3:14 AM

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