Sunday, March 15, 2009

Come rain and thunder

Hi everyone,
Well there is nothing I like better than a wet weekend and boy did we get one in Hobart. It was quite timely too, not just because we need the rain but because I had a nasty throat virus. It gave me a perfect excuse to stay in bed and read for the whole day! I always feel guilty for doing so unless I am really sick so it was worth it to be coughing and spluttering. I am so much better now and feel recharged after reading for hours on end. I think I enjoy being able to do something like that these days as I remember when my kids were small how hard it was to have time to recover when I was unwell. Isn't motherhood hard?! I can't remember a day when I had a full day in bed and yet I am sure I was much sicker then than since.
We had some lovely rain and even a storm over the weekend which was fabulous.Great for the farmers and of course the garden.
I hope your week is a good one.
All the best,
Melanie x

Hi Melanie, I attended one of your Adult Ed Romance Writing Workshops in Aug/Sept (?) 2006. It was a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyway I wanted to let you know that I have just finished my first entire manuscript and will be sending off the synopsis and first 3 chapters to M&B this week. I am looking at the Romance/Sweet line. I am currently living in England and read your blog every week, it keeps me up to date with beautiful Tas!Congrats on your well deserved award and thank you for being such an inspiration. I must also tell you that your brilliant husband saved a friend of mine from losing a leg in 2006, he was wonderful. Mnay thanks and cyber hugs Diana XX
posted by Blogger Diana : 4:34 AM Hi Diana,
Wow! I was so thrilled to read your comment. I am glad you are working so hard at your writing. What a blast that you've finished a full manuscript! I am sending you lots of good luck vibes. What is it like living in the UK? We used to live in Scotland years and years ago and it was freezing.
My husband is a hero in the truest sense of the word. He has saved so many lives and limbs it is just unbelievable. He works too hard though. I wish we had more time together but his job is a lifestyle not a career as I have said in post somewhere.
All the best and keep in touch,
Melanie x
posted by Blogger Melanie Milburne : 7:46 PM

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