Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not many sleeps now

Hi everyone,
Well, it's not many sleeps now until Christmas and I can just imagine the panic in those households where there are little children and too much excitement. I remember it all so well and miss it a little. It's going to be a quiet one for us this year for Polly's sake. A pregnant poodle does not need a crowd of guests. She does need some turkey though! She will be thoroughly spoilt, you can be sure of that. She already is.
I am writing book three of my trilogy. I know, I said I was going to have a break but these two characters have been in my head right from book one. In fact they were the first to come alive and I had to put them on hold while I wrote the other two books. It's been an amazing experience.
I hope that wherever you are in the world and whether you celebrate Christmas or not that you have a safe and happy week. I hope that the next time I post I will have some exciting news and photos to show you.


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