Sunday, March 22, 2009

Writing is hard work!

Hi everyone,
OK now I am going to let you into a secret-writing is damn hard work. While being a full time writer is a dream job there are so many things to juggle, as indeed there are with any other job. The trouble with writing(or any other creative pursuit) is the job doesn't stop. I am still thinking while I am doing other things, such as domestic stuff or even talking to other people.Yes! What an embarrassing confession but I do. Often people are chatting about their lives and my mind starts to wander and wonder. I suddenly have a novel idea pop into my head. It can be most inconvenient! Anyway, I am working hard on some big revisions. I have changed my mind about the whole set up of my novel so it's a big rewrite. I love it though as I have a very clear sense of where I am going with it. I hope you like it when it finally makes it to the shelves.
Have a great week!
Melanie x


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