Friday, February 12, 2010

Last days

Hi everyone,
So what do you think? Haven't they grown into cute little kids? Their faces are so much more distinct now they've had their first top and tail at the groomer's. I am going to miss them but after a few sleepless nights just lately I think I might not miss them as much as I thought! They are now eating a lot more which is making them settle better. Polly seems rather determined to wean them. She keeps wriggling away from them when they rush up to her.
They are wreaking havoc on any shoes left lying around as their teeth are needle-sharp. Toes are a big favourite too!
My daughter-in-law is cuddling them in the photos. She particularly loves Teddy who seems very drawn to her too.
I have some exciting news. I recieved two Cataromance awards for 2009 for The Marcolini Blackmail Marriage which was in a book called Mistresses by Blackmail with Kim Laurence and Day Leclaire and also for my Karedes continuity book- The Future King's Love Child. A special thank you to my reviewer who always does a great job of reading my books even though she often gets them late!
All the best for a happy week. Think of me as I say goodbye to two of my babies this week.

very sweet ♥
posted by Anonymous Priscila : 3:48 PM I think so too!
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