Monday, September 01, 2008

Back on line

Hi everyone,
I had a bit of a technical hiccup this week. I couldn't get on line so I had to get some help in rejigging my settings. How come the guy they send around looks too young to be out of school?! At least it is all working again now.
I had a fabulous few days last week as Margie Lawson who spoke at the New Zealand and Melbourne conferences came on a short trip to Hobart with her husband. We had a couple of dinners together which was wonderful. If you get a chance to do her on line courses grab at it. I am working my way through them now and finding it so helpful. I am excited about lifting my writing to a new emotional level.
I have the last chapter to write on my current book which is a good feeling. I love it when the hero and heroine get their happy ending. Don't we all deserve one?!
I hope you enjoy the photos.
Best wishes,
Melanie x


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