Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spring in the air

Hi everyone,
Well spring is here as so is the wind. It howled last night, all night. It's such a shame as it wrecks all the blossums. I have the most beautiful pair of tree peonies which only flower for such a short time and when the wind attacks them the petals drop off as they are quite fragile.
We had a fabulous weekened at the beach house. I wrote so much and feel that this novel is one of those that is going to write itself. The characters are so alive!
I have finally decided it is virtually impossible to wear out a minature poodle. Polly is totally obsessed with chasing tennis balls and even though I took her for long walks on the beach, hitting a tennis ball with a racket all the way, she still came home and wanted to play. Oh to be so young and energetic!
Thank you to all the lovely people who emailed me this week. It is so nice to have contact with my readers. Writing is a lonely job, although don't get me wrong, I quite like being left alone to do my thing! But it's so nice to hear from readers who have enjoyed my books.
My poor webmistress lives in Housten and has been without power and water for some time now so my website is not as up to date as it could be. Please be patient as she will get on to it as soon as she can.
All the best for this week,
Melanie x


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