Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Great Week Away

Hi everyone,
Well I had a fabulous week in Noosa in Queensland. We went up for a friend's wedding and everything was perfect. The weather was great, the bride looked beautiful and the groom madly in love. Perfect research for me! They were married on a beach with the waves pounding on the shore. They even had to change the wedding time because of the tide!
The rest of the week we spent dining out, walking in the National Park and swimming. I found myself winding down as the week went on. I was full of energy until after the wedding on Thursday and then just like a toy with a run down battery I started to find it hard to get going in the morning. I just wanted to lie in bed and listen to the birds singing. I am hungry now to get back to my current book. I have about 15,000 words to go so it will be fun tying things up. My hero is gorgeous and I can't wait for him to claim his bride. Maybe I'll have them get married on the beach!
Hope you all had a nice week too.
Happy reading and writing to those who are keen.
Melanie xx


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