Monday, November 17, 2008


Hi everyone,
I finally finished. I was so pleased as I wanted to have a few days off before I started a new novel. I had a fabulous weekend at the beach house. Even though it was cool and windy it was just lovely to walk along the beach with the dogs and think. I have started my new work and feel excited about my characters.
Mattias is settling in beautifully. I promised you photos but we have lost the lead from the camera which downloads the pictures so it will be a day or two until I sort that out. Technology gets to me sometimes!
I had a lovely time last night speaking to a sub group of Rotarians in Hobart called the Innerwheel Group. They are mostly a friendship group and it was nice to be invited to speak to them about my life as a writer. I met some lovely women who were so welcoming and interested in my life. It made me feel excited about getting back to work today knowing how much my writing helps other people to escape into the fantasy world of romance.
Have a happy week and I will be back soon with photos. I promise!
Melanie x


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