Sunday, December 16, 2007

One Week to Go!

Hi folks,
Well the countdown is on. I am really getting into the swing of things now I have completed my Christmas shopping. I went to Sydney for the weekend and had a lovely time in the shops. It was so much easier as Hobart is a bit limited at the moment after our major department store burned down in September. They have a temporary set up but it doesn't have the full range of items so going off shore seemed the best solution. I must confess I bought just as much stuff for myself as anyone else! That always happens I'm afraid. While I darting in and out of shops I saw a lot of homeless people on street corners. I always stop to chat to them and often give money as I have heard that 80% of the homeless on Sydney's streets are suffering a mental illness. I often wonder where their family is and if they found it too hard to cope with their loved one's issues. I have a new understanding of depression as a close relative has been going through hell with it. It makes me realise how sad this time of year can be for those who have no one to turn to. I hope when you are with your families or friends you will give thanks for all that you have as I do as so many will spend the holiday period alone.
Hope this week is not too stressful for you,
Melanie xx


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