Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wonderful news!

Hi everyone,
I am totally blown away by the news this weeks that I was awarded THREE cataromance reviewer's choice awards. I have won one each year since I was first published but three is just so out of this world. I feel so humbled to receive such an acolade as I know just how many fabulous books are reviewed each year. My heartfelt thanks to the cataromance team as well as you my readers who support me by buying and reading my books.
It's going to be a busy week as my big brother is staying with us with one of his gorgeous daughters. It is always great to have family around but I will feel very torn this week as I have some revisions to see to on a Presents novel. I sometimes wish I could spilt myself in to two people!
I went to Melbourne with my younger son for an appointment and we happened to go into a pet shop where we saw rag doll kittens. They are so cute! They are apparently called that because as soon as you hold them they relax into your arms like a rag doll. We also saw some miniature poodle puppies and of course you can imagine how I gushed over them. One was so like Polly in looks and personality it was almost uncanny.
Have a wonderful week and keep safe.


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